Fitbit Announces new Charge 2, Flex 2, and more!

Fitbit announced some great new devices and experiences yesterday, including new versions of the Flex and Charge trackers! I really love my Fitbit Surge and wear it constantly, but this new Charge 2 is very intriguing. I’ve been considering adding a smaller tracker to my personal lineup for daily use and keeping the Surge for activities like hiking and running where I want GPS without connecting to my phone. Looking at the new specs for the Charge 2, I think I’m sold. The interchangeable bands are a great idea, especially since I tend to put my trackers through some abuse. I’m also very curious to see my VO2 Max Score (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use when you’re working out at your hardest) and add this new data point to my overall fitness plans and goals. As I’ve mentioned before, it is wise to have multiple goals so that your focus isn’t entirely on your weight or another single metric. The other device announced was the new Flex 2, which is now waterproof up to 50 feet so you swimmers out there can finally join the Fitbit World! The Flex 2 will be available in October and the Charge 2 in September, both for the same price of current models.

Additionally, Fitbit announced some new app experiences including Adventure Challenges. These challenges allow for exploring a virtual challenge, like hiking across Yosemite for example. For me, what makes a Fitbit device the best fitness companion is the ecosystem of apps and experiences. This new virtual challenge option looks to add a whole new exciting element to the ecosystem and I can’t wait to give it a try.

If you are as excited about these new updates as I am, then read more at the Fitbit site and go try one of the new challenges in your Fitbit apps!

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