5 Best Places to Run in Seattle

If you love running and exercising outdoors then Seattle is the place you want to be. There are amazing views everywhere, the city has a ton of parks and it has a long history in preservation of its rich green areas. From Lincoln Park to Discovery, there are amazing parks with many possibilities for runs from beginner level to serious trainers and athletes. Continue reading “5 Best Places to Run in Seattle”

Fun Activities To Do With Kids That Also Get You Exercise

As a new parent, I struggled to stay in shape during the infant stages and through the beginning toddler stages until I realized the key to getting daily exercise was to find ways to exercise with my child. My favorite forms of outdoor cardio exercise activities pre-parenthood were hiking, jogging, and bicycling, so I went out and found ways to do each with my toddler strapped along for the ride. Continue reading “Fun Activities To Do With Kids That Also Get You Exercise”